Sunday, 9 August 2015

CAP2 Flight Models

There's been a few questions regarding the flight model(s) and simulation level of CAP2 so I thought I'd post regarding flight model difficulty levels.

Basically, I play CAP2 on medium difficulty.

In hard difficulty level, when you attempt a vertical landing on a pitching, crowded deck, managing your throttle, nozzle position whilst monitoring the windvane you get an idea of just how skilled real life Harrier pilots are. It's tough but that's the point isn't it? Playing with TrackIR or a VR headset should help in this mode so I'll post on this once those features are added.

In medium difficulty level your throttle position becomes a climb/descent rate request with engine control logic computing the actual throttle position. It's still demanding but I complete 9 out 10 landings safely.

In easy mode you enter vertical flight mode, set climb/descent rate with your throttle and request longitudinal and lateral movement with your flight stick. Easy.