Tuesday, 19 July 2016


v806 is now live, main features added are:
  • Radio Comms
    • A 'Radio Panel Toggle' input shows the radio UI. Keys 0-9 select radio pages and commands.
    • Functionality will be expanded over time with more commands and associated logic,
  • Wingmen formation flight
    • Part of radio comms, you can control wingmen formations. Use flight training mission 'Formation' to check it out.
  • Digital nozzle angles step through the following angles for more control in vertical flight:
    • 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 82, 85, 90, 95, 98.5
  • Custom nozzle stop added to controls.
    •  This is useful if for example you want to select 40° nozzle angle as you approach the end of the deck. To configure, set required nozzle angle then hold custom nozzle stop for 1 sec+. This records the stop position. A subsequent short press will select the recorded position.
  • Fixed an issue with AV8B rudder alignment
v807 should have mission planner updates, mission updates together with initial VR support.
I hoped to have mission planner updates in v806 so they are now item #1 of v807.
Mission updates will address presentation and content of current missions.
VR support is step #1 of the following
  1. Initialisation and render to Oculus\Vive
  2. Custom VR UI
  3. Custom VR Scenes
    • Control room & displays
    • 'Walk' to/around plane

Also cockpit model updates are due around the end of the month, I'm particularly looking forward to those :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Radio Communications

One of the major features of v806 is radio comms. Radio exchanges and background chatter really improve simulation immersion. It also enables commands to aircraft within your section such as:

  • Formation control
  • Target assignment (A-A & A-G)
  • Report State
  • Navigation
  • Mission abort
  • Return to base
  • Recover/land on carrier
  • Emcon (Emissions Control)
  • Lights state

    You also have RT to the carrier/fleet such as:

    • Request takeoff
    • Request land
    • Request position check
    • FAC assign fire mission to fleet 

    Target assignment is done by locking up an air target, surface target or locking a point with your Lantirn pod then commanding a wingman to attack your target.

    Formation control is fun to use, you have standard mission formations such as combat spread, echelon etc. You also have the close formation 'parade' which is great for photo opportunities, not so great for sudden maneuvers!

    Fleet FAC (Forward Air Controller) allows you create a fire mission for the fleet main guns, initiating a barrage at your Lantirn pod lock point.

    Radio comms will continue to evolve throughout 'Early Access' with extra commands, associated AI logic and UI updates.

    806 has become the most extensive update to CAP2 so far and it'll be released this week.