Tuesday 27 September 2016

KC767 Tanker...

Here's a few screenshots and a video of update v808 due to drop in the next few days.

This video shows the KC767 animation test sequence where each component cycles through its range of motion. There are more than sixty animated components on the tanker so it's taken a fair amount of work to implement. The results are pretty cool though! Although it's not a current priority, it'd be nice to be able to fly this at some point :)

Also here's a short video of the new carrier in game:

v808 will be made available in the Beta and VR Beta channels in the next few days. Going forward we'll be working on mission content, presentation and required mission elements such as the Hawaiian target range, Khasab airbase (we've got a lot of airbase models to add) and general threats from enemy aircraft, SAM's and SSM's. 

Monday 5 September 2016


As you can see below, the new carrier is in-game, it's got animated elevators, deck crane, deck tugs. It's a big improvement on the model we had before. This and a refueling tanker will be be included in the next update due in a couple of days. After this update we can switch to updating missions and associated gameplay.

VR Beta 4 is live now. This update added:
  • Native Oculus API support
  • Cockpit item select using VR gaze (Map control 'Optional Adjust/Select Item' to select)
  • VR shown during title/loading screens
  • UI in pilot view with VR
  • VR head position reset input
  • Various minor VR bug fixes
A non-VR related update is the option to map L/R rudder inputs for setups that use two individual rudder pedals.

Things to come for VR include
  • Mission planner menu's in VR
  • Cinema mode UI item selection or mouse pointer control using VR gaze
Looking at cockpit items/switches to select them really highlights the need for animated controls. They'll come after the cockpit upgrade which is shaping up nicely.

An option similar to VR 'gaze to select' will be added to the Xbox gamepad controls (right thumb-stick to look and right thumb-stick button to select) and to TrackIR mode. It makes sense that if you can see the controls in the cockpit you should be able to interact with them rather than having to use the keyboard. This will give you control over gear, flaps, water injection, MFD's, up front control etc.