Wednesday 2 November 2016


There's a bugfix update v808.2 available in the Beta channel. This addresses:

  • Radio Comms crash
  • Radio Comms volume was fixed & too low. Now it correctly uses radio volume
  • Campaign crash
  • Fueling help is now only applied when in Fuel HUD mode. Allows you to disconnect by throttling back, retract the probe and roll off like a fighter pilot :)
A few other v808 changes are:
  • Option to disable pilot camera transition
  • You can adjust camera distance on external views (F4 & F7) by pressing 'Camera Option' and View Up/Down simultaneously. On a gamepad this defaults to right stick click and push up/down
  • Runway rendering is improved
  • Added extra analogue control input modifiers. Previously we had Linear and Exp. We now have Exp1 to Exp5 with 'flatter' response curve up to Exp5.
v808.2 will be put into the default channel tomorrow if there's no major issue.