Wednesday 8 June 2016


Version 801 should be winging (steaming?) it's way to you now. It should have arrived yesterday but we encountered issues with the Steam update sticking/pausing and not completing. Deleting the build and re-uploading it has corrected the issue.

Features/fixes of this update are
  • Fix crash on payload option
  • Contrast/Brightness values are now used in post processing
    • Both values were previously set to 100% so you may need to adjust down
    • I'm considering adding a gamma display to help with calibrating game colour levels, it's pretty obvious there's a massive range of screen levels out there.
  • Vignette effect is disabled, will add a UI option to toggle it later
  • Mapping a control axis is easier
  • XBox gamepad buttons are labelled
  • TrackIR has angle and position limits
  • 'Eject Confirm' option removed as 'Eject' must now be held for 1sec instead
Next update (802) should include:

  • Result of looking into nVidia Optimus graphics crash on startup. In some cases this is temporarily fixed by selecting nVidia GPU as preferred GPU in global settings in the nVidia control panel
  • Adjusting control axes linearity
  • Adjusting control axes null zone
  • General bug fixes as reported in the forum
After 802 we should be able to transition to gameplay features/bug fixes.

The controls settings file was accidentally included as part of the initial build. This would be an issue as each update would reset your controls to default. It has been removed from build 801. If you want to avoid remapping your controls with this update then take a copy of <YourSteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\Combat Air Patrol 2\StoragePath\Sim155\CAP2\Controls\Default.ctrl and replace it after updating. Sorry for the inconvenience.