Tuesday 28 June 2016


v805 is live now, a couple of days later than planned so I'm blaming 'Brexit' and the England football team. Two major shocks in a few days ain't good :(

Updates in v805 include:

  • Rearward roll without brakes fixed
  • Control and Shift added to keyboard inputs
  • MFD button positions improved
  • Cockpit clickable items added (animated switches to follow in a later update)
    • Flaps
    • Water
    • Gear
    • Autopilot
    • Upfront display keypad (functionality to follow)
  • Cockpit fuel panel info drum digits added
    • Fuel burn enabled
    • Water injection doubles fuel burn
  • Cockpit engine panel info drum digits added
  • MFD display of waypoints
  • HUD display of waypoints
    • WP Heading bug/marker
    • WP position display
    • WP range and index
  • New control input, WINC (waypoint increment)
  • New control input AG Bomb Pickle (functionality enabled in 806)
  • HUD AoA using alpha symbol (instead of infinity)
  • Assignment of WPs in mission planner to wingmen
    • wingmen will follow route (improved functionality in 806)

Plans for v806

  • Bug fixes/feature requests
  • Commands to wingmen will be completed for 806, almost made it in for 805
  • Mission Planner
    • individual aircraft Payloads, Fuel, Water
    • Waypoint node altitude, speed
    • Waypoint node type
      • transit, patrol, attack, refuel, RTB
  • Wingmen AI for formation, ground attack. Improved waypoint transit
  • Assignment of WPs in mission planner to CH46 rotorcraft
  • MFD navigation chart for Hawaii

Happy Flying!