Thursday 18 August 2016

VR Beta1

Hi All,

VR Beta 1 is available now in the Steam client's 'BETAS' tab.

I've got to admit VR in CAP2 is now pretty damn cool! With the first implementation I was slightly skeptical of the experience, feeling nauseous etc but with 'Cinema Mode' implemented for non pilot views there's no longer a bucket by my desk :-)

There's a lot of minor updates/fixes to come for VR, including:
  • allow MSAA rendering
  • UI currently not shown in pilot view (after pressing 'ESC')
  • mission planner not shown in VR (enable 2D Mirror to view it if required)
  • radio commands input method
  • update VR during loading screens
  • add an Oculus API option
Also, in VR obviously can't see your keyboard for input so I'll add a method for highlighting cockpit controls by looking at them then selecting via a new control input. This will let you manage MFD's, flaps, water injection, counter measures, canopy latch, eject handle, upfront controls etc using the headset and one button. This method will also be implemented in non VR mode to work with gamepad right stick cockpit view.

Right, back to finishing v808 with a new carrier and in-flight refueling!