Monday 30 January 2017

v809.3 Beta

v809.3 is live now in the Beta and VR channels.

Features in this update include:

Updated Cockpit
  • The latest iteration of the cockpit is a big improvement compared to before especially around the canopy.
  • Areas being worked on now include:
    • Canopy glass dirt effect to be refined
    • More detail around the HUD optics unit and rear canopy detail.
    • Night illumination textures.
    • Movable switches.

Radar Modes

The new radar system models a scanning antenna/beam. You have control of scan azimuth, sc
  • AA Radar Modes
    • RWS - Range While Search
    • TWS - Track While Scan
    • VS - Velocity Search
  • AG Radar Modes
    • GMT - Ground Moving Target
    • SEA - Maritime Target
MFD Displays
  • RADAR pages
    • Updated to show new radar modes
  • EHSD - Horizontal Situation Display
    • Hawaii MFD chart added
  • RWR - Radar Warning Receiver
    • Top down display of threats
    • RWR Audio includes radar scan tones, system tones for new ground or air threat, locked threat and missile warnings.
  • VRST - VSTOL, range, endurance, speed, time
    • Functionality to follow...
HUD Displays
  • AA Gun history i.e. displaying a gun 'snake'
Cockpit Items
  • Added HUD master mode cockpit item, click to cycle through HUD Modes
New Controls
  • TDC
    • Target designator controls for selecting radar targets
  • Slew TDC Overide
    • Used with a an xbox gamepad. When held, the view thumbstick moves the TDC, clicking the thumbstick locks onto the nearest target.
  • Toggle ingame menu's
    • Duplicates the 'Escape' key
  • XBox gamepad defaults updated
    • Back button toggles ingame menu
    • Right shoulder button
Thrustmaster MFD Cougar
  • Automatic support for these MFD push button controllers.
  • Fixed potential issue on multi GPU systems where incorrect GPU could be chosen.
  • Added Pixel density scaling factor for both OpenVR and Oculus. Upping this over 100% increases the visual quality in your HMD so if you've got GPU power to burn then check it out.  If you're already changing the OpenVR scaling factor by altering its config files then leave this at 100%.
The next update will be adding A/A auto acquisition modes, ground mapped radar displays, target ranges and updates to weapon training missions. Also the manual is due an update incorporating the new radar modes.