Thursday 15 August 2019


Hi All

v814.2 was added to the Beta & VR Beta branches.

Features of this update include:
  • Fixed native Oculus VR micro judder
  • Fixed VR view of mission editor
  • Added unit faction selection in mission editor
  • Added Faction naming and ROE UI
  • Fixed mission editor bugs
  •    Ch46 labeling
  •    Ch46 created as av8b
  • Added submarine models
  • Fixed issue in free flight UK missions
  • Fixed issue with atmospheric attenuation of terrain lights
  • Fixed issue with Shadow volume clipping in cockpit view
  • Fixed triple buffering UI not showing status
  • Fixed triple buffering rendering not v-syncing

Current work on v814.3 includes:

  • mission editor updates
  • completing the manual
  • adding units
    • fast patrol boats
    • UK Type 45 destroyer
    • US Zumwalt class destroyer
    • US SH60 Helicopter

Here are some screenshots of new units in-game: