Monday 29 July 2019

v814.0 & v814.1

V814.0 & v814.1 Release Notes


Fixed an issue causing a crash in several missions


Main features of v814.0 are:
  • Mission Editor
  • Mission Browser
  • Updated UI
  • Updated Tactical UI View
    • Used in mission planner, mission editor etc
  • 'In Mission' Tactical View
  • Atmospheric scattering update
    • Reduced blue/green scattering coefficients leading to less red sunsets
  • Fixed flight model issue affecting lift

Mission Editor features
  • Missions created in each game region
  • Add air, sea and land units
  • Drag & drop placement of STOVL AC on carriers
  • Assign waypoints to each unit
  • Set Faction and unit ROE
  • Add mission locations
    • Circular variant currently
    • Name, position, altitude, radius
  • Add mission objectives
    • Attack units, locations
    • Defend units, locations
    • Go to locations
    • Cockpit control selection
      • I.e. Avionics switches, Gear position, Brakes etc
    • Mission objective sequences
      • Force objective completion order

Mission Browser
  • ‘Built in’ CAP2 missions
  • Steam Workshop missions from other players
  • Your own missions created in the mission editor
  • Challenge missions
    • The first challenge mission will be a timed Mach Loop run with an associated Steam leader board

Upcoming updates
  • Steam workshop integration
    • Initially missions
      • Currently no plans to allow charging for single missions
      • Would consider for a ‘library’ of missions
    • AV8B skins later with an integrated skin chooser UI
  • CAP2 ‘built in’ missions added
  • Mach Loop challenge mission
  • Dynamic Campaign UI update & campaign chooser
  • Mission Editor updates
    • Updating faction settings
    • Setting vehicle factions
    • Adding new AI vehicles
      • V22 Osprey
      • DDG1000 Zumwalt class
      • UK Type 45 Destroyer
      • Ground units & artillery
    • 3D view for accurate unit placement
  • Tactical View
    • Assignment of targets to players units
  • General updates and bug fixes