Tuesday 5 February 2019


Hi All,

Build v813.10 was recently posted to the Beta Channel. This should be the last in the v813.x series of updates and will likely be posted to the Default & VR channels soon provided there are no showstopping issues.

This minor update includes:
  • Update to atmosphere rendering
    • 'Multiple Scattering' and Ozone contribution added to atmospheric lookup tables
    • This adds atmospheric haze, improves sunrise, sunset
    • Mission weather options include 'Light Haze', 'Light Haze - High' & 'Strong Haze'
  • AV8B skin updates
    • Navigation lights
  • Bug Fixes
    • Several minor bugs fixed including:
      • fixed issue where a class of memory buffer was not set to 'canGrow' - accessing all regions in one session could lead to a crash.
I'm currently working on the v814.x series of updates. These will comprise:
  • Mission editor
    • You're able to:
      • Select region
      • Select time of day, weather
      • Place Aircraft, ships, weapon systems
        • Add routes, armament, ROE
      • Assign mission targets
      • Set completion & failure criteria
  • Mission Browser
    • Select from local mission files and Steam Workshop missions
  • In-mission tactical view
  • UI Update
    • Initially to facilitate mission editor, browser etc.
  • Steam Workshop Browser
    • Initially for mission files, later for AC skins

Here are some screenshots from v813.10