Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Hi All,

The latest update v813.9 is in the Beta and VR Beta channels.

Updates in this build include:
  • Road Traffic
    • Civilian traffic added to motorways/freeways, primary roads etc
      • road geometry will be added soon to enhance the satellite imagery based roads
  • Memory use reduction and optimisation
    • General memory use reduced
    • Added a custom memory manager which gives the following benefits
      • Memory buffers are pre-allocated
      • Improves allocation/deallocation performance
      • Reduces memory fragmentation
  • HUD IR View added
    • An InfraRed view can be displayed on the AV8B HUD by setting HUD mode to night. Click on the 3 state toggle under the UFC (Up Front Control). The two dials to the right of HUD mode adjust brightness and contrast of the HUD raster image.
  • Performance improvements
  • Powerlines drawn
    • currently drawn as lines, will switch to polygons soon
  • TER Rack added
    • 'Triple Ejection Rack' added for payloads such as MK82
    • TER's are needed for custom payloads. The 3D payload management screen is due soon
  • Hi Resolution AV8B skin texture
    • We've increased the resolution of the AV8B skin texture to 8k and are part way through updating each of the texture layers. They include base colour, panels, decals and dirt. If your Mods directory already contains AV8B textures you won't see the high resolution textures in-game. A previous Steam build erroneously included textures in the Mods directory so you should check for them and delete them if necessary. Once the 8k textures are complete we'll supply the PSD file with layers and UV map files for easier modding.
  • Bug Fixes
    • A typo in shader lighting code incorrectly handled gamma resulting in overly grayed scenes. Current scenes are much more vivid with better contrast.
    • A shader issue on some AMD cards when using atmospheric lookup tables was fixed
    • Removed AV8B fuselage texture from Mods folder in Steam build as it would overwrite users Modded fuselage
The areas I'm currently working on include:
  • Enemy aircraft 
    • AI
  • Increasing diversity of entities within the game world
    • Land Vehicles
    • Cars/Trucks
      • Updates to allow targeting & weapon interaction (i.e. blowing them up!)
    • Trains
  • Maritime
    • New attack boats, fishing fleets and yachts
  • UI Updates
    • To allow extra flexibility to add mission options, campaign UI components, mission editor, payload manager and Steam Workshop browser.
  • Manual
    • I've been updating the manual, specifically in areas such as avionics, weapons, TDC assignment etc. Once the required screenshots are added the manual will be published.

  Here are some screenshots from v813.9

HUD IR Display

Triple Ejection Rack

Scenery after Gamma bug fix

Power Lines

Road Traffic