Thursday, 18 October 2018

v813.4/5 Updates

Hi All

v813.4 & 5 were uploaded to the BETA and VR BETA channels recently. Work was focused on A/G weaponry. Updates included:
  • AGM65 IR Maverick
    • IRMAV MFD Display
    • Target Lock
    • Flight routine
    • Launch FX
  • STRS MFD Display
  • HUD Displays
    • IRMAV
      • Cage/Uncage display
    • A/G Guns & Rockets
      • CCIP display
    • Bombs
      • CCIP offscreen indication, reflected cue
  • Graphical 'tweaks'
    • Cockpit mirror improvements
Bug fixes included:
  • VR Pilot view black screen when using OpenVR/SteamVR
  • Glitching cockpit shadows
  • Flicker when using MFD containing a 3D Display
The next couple couple of minor updates (v813.6/7) will continue with A/G work. These will include:
  • FLIR
    • Heat based rendering rather than the current gray scale (which gets dark at night :) )
    • HUD FLIR display
      • with the 24hr rendering FLIR display becomes much more useful
  • HARM
    • HARM display of detected emitters/threats
    • updated HARM flight code
  • TDC (Target Designator Control)
    • finalising TDC use and assignment between Radar MFD/ HUD/ IRMAV/ TPOD
    • removal of target pod slew controls
      • uses TDC when it is assigned to TPOD
  • Weapon release tone
    • enabled via TONE option in STRS
    • volume set via rotary control on ACNIP panel
  • Improved cockpit illumination
  • AV8B cockpit updates

    After the final A/G weapons/Avionics updates are released we'll move on to the v814 series updates which will add the in-mission tactical display. After that we're on to single missions.

    Here are some screenshots of v813.4/5

    Updated STRS (Stores) MFD display:

     IRMAV FLIR MFD display:

    IRMAV locked:

    Cockpit mirror reflection:

    Cockpit glass reflection:

    Gratuitous Shot of cockpit glass and helmet visor reflection:

    Miscellaneous shots from v813.5 build: