Sunday 9 September 2018


v813.3 is in the BETA channel now.

Main updates in this release are:

  • A/A Radar updates
    • Auto Acquisition modes
      • Radar locks onto first target found, enters STT (Single Target Track) mode
      • GACQ - Gun Acquisition
        • radar scans HUD field of view
      • WACQ - Wide Acquisition
        • radar follows a wide scan pattern
      • VACQ - Vertical Acquisition
        • used in turning dogfights, radar scans forward and up
      • BST - Boresight
        • Radar points straight ahead
  • A/A HUD updates
    • A/A Gun symbology
      • Gun Director Reticle
        • displayed with radar lock
    • AIM9 Symbology
      • improved seeker code
      • lock & launch without radar input
      • SEAM mode ( Sidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode)
        • AIM9 seeker nutates (wobbles) within an expanded forward view
        • After lock is achieved the tone changes andce lock is
      • NIRD display (Normalised In Range Display)
    • A/A Radar MFD display updates
      • Symbology updated for RWS,TWS,VSS and STT
  • HUD RWR Threats
    • display of current RWR threats on the HUD
  • Improved HUD rendering
    • Clearer display of HUD & HUD glass
  • New controls added
    • TMS FWD/AFT/LFT/RGT renamed to TDC (Target Designator Control)
      • used to move the TDC cursor within the MFD radar display

    • TDC Select added
      • used to select a target under the TDC cursor
    • Cage/UnCage
      • used to command AIM9 seeker caged straight ahead or free
    • Undesignate
      • breaks current lock
    •  Sensor Select Switch
      • In A/A master mode
        • FWD
          • Selects radar BST mode
        • AFT
          • Selects radar AACQ mode
        • LFT
          • Selects radar WACQ mode
        • RGT
          • Selects radar VACQ mode

      • A/A Weapon Select Switch
        • FWD
          • Selects AIM9, radar BST mode
        • AFT
          • Select AIM9, SEAM mode
        • LFT
          • Select GUN, radar to GACQ mode
        • RGT
          • Select AIM120
    • Bug fixes include
      • distant terrain rendering issue
      • AIM9 growl disabled in menus
    Next update will address A/G HUD & MFD displays and weapon integration. This includes IR Mavericks, HUD symbology for CCIP, CCRP bomb release, ground target lock, A/G guns and rockets.

    Beyond that the in-game tactical display will be added. This is a real-time extension of the current tactical display used in the mission planner.

    Then we get into missions and the first of the campaigns.

    Here are some screenshots from v813.3:

    GUN Reticle with A/A lock

    AIM9 SEAM Mode


    RWR HUD Threats