Wednesday 1 August 2018


Thought I'd resurrect the blog again :)

v813.0 has been published to the BETA channel. This update has the full day/night sequence implemented. This is needed for the upcoming campaign mode as that runs minute by minute throughout the full 24 hour day. You'll be flying missions at various TOD and through transitions from light to darkness.

To model the day/night transition the atmospheric rendering has been massively improved. The pictures below show features such as:

  • Accurate sky rendering due to atmosphere modelling
  • Moon Display
    • accurate rendering
    • atmospheric fx during 'moon rise' & 'moon set' (red tinge)
    • moon phases
    • accurate orbital motion, speed
  • Stars
    • accurate rendering through atmosphere
    • accurate motion
  • Sun Display
    • atmospheric attenuation
  • Terrain/Objects 
    • Generally improved environmental lighting from Sky rendering
    • Improved aerial perspective (eg distant terrain and objects lighting, attenuation and in-scatter)
You can dynamically change the TOD during free flight & training missions so give that a go to see the update in action.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are ~50,000 words!: